Our offer

Discover the breadth of our expertise. With years of experience in the IT industry, we deliver comprehensive software solutions to meet your unique needs.

Creating a new product, even a small one, from scratch is a complex and often time-consuming and costly process. Only the right approach at each stage of the project implementation will lead to its optimisation and the highest quality. We can help to solve your technology needs in four different models of cooperation, depending on your preferences and willingness to get involved in the project.

Are you thinking about rewriting your application using new technology while maintaining high standards of professionalism and quality? Look no further!

We specialise in efficient and safe transformation processes, taking into account all the necessary details for this type of project. Together, we will discuss your needs and plan the transformation process.

Are you creating a start-up and looking for a technology partner? Let’s talk about it! Together we will find technological and business solutions to achieve your goals.

We have been supporting growing companies for years, offering assistance with IT solutions.

The success of an IT project depends hugely on accurate analysis, appropriate technology choices and effective project management.

There is often a need to modify an existing application, add new functionality or integrate with external systems. Equally common is the need to adapt an application to new requirements or improve its level of security. We can help you at every stage and support you with the analytics and development process.

As part of our services, we offer the implementation of commissioned programming works and the development of entire projects or part of the project as required. This allows you to reduce software development costs, facilitate the creation of a team of experienced specialists, and make the management of the necessary resources more flexible. As a result, project timelines are significantly reduced. With years of experience cooperating with large software companies and interactive agencies, we guarantee the highest quality of service.

Web applications are often the target of various types of attacks. The lack of adequate security can lead to data leakage, unauthorised actions or even a complete system takeover by an attacker. We help to identify vulnerabilities in such applications by conducting independent security audits.

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