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The company BALTYKGAZ Sp. z o. o. was established in March 1993 and has become one of the leading and most experienced distributors of liquefied gas on the Polish market.

Our cooperation began several years ago when we jointly developed the company’s website, which is now its showcase, a knowledge base, and a source of information for new and existing customers. Since then, we have been working together to constantly improve the quality of data presentation and reach an increasing number of recipients.

With the development of our cooperation, a new need appeared – to create an application for clients of BAŁTYKGAZ.


We worked together to develop a system providing individual customers with modern solutions for managing storage, ordering and supply services for liquid fuels.

During a joint analysis of the needs and requirements of the application, we decided that the system would be designed and implemented as a web application, adapted to various types of devices while following the principles of responsiveness. In addition, the application was to be intuitive and easy to use and manage.

Another important aspect was the graphic design, i.e. adapting the layout of the new system to the nature of the company and the existing information website.


Our goal was to create a modern system that:


After a thorough analysis of each project, we propose a project management methodology that best suits the specific needs and context of the system. In this case, we used the Agile methodology, which made it possible to mitigate risks and respond quickly to changes. Our chosen approach allowed us to clearly define the successive implementation cycles and separate the phases of planning, design, programming, testing and implementation.

Dedicated team

During the implementation of our projects, we focus on the regular cooperation of specialists from different fields, as we believe this is the only way to ensure the correct flow of information and rapid progress. A project team consisted of the following:


To guarantee the highest level of user experience, we used state-of-the-art technologies to create a single-page application (SPA) in which navigation is based on the asynchronous loading of individual elements without reloading individual sub-pages.

The solution we developed is a web application available on all desktop and mobile devices, regardless of the operating system.

The application has been adapted to work with an existing CRM system to effectively handle contacts with contractors and customers. The solution helps end customers manage and automate the most common and essential tasks in the energy industry, from supply management, funds, contacts, reporting capabilities or analytics.


From the very beginning, the project was intended to be more than just a customer application. Thanks to visual consistency and a high level of automation, it has become an integral part of the supply management process.

Queuing systems for individual processes and reporting systems guarantee data integrity and thus eliminate the risk of making a mistake by an inexperienced user. A separate administrative interface allows for a clear presentation of data and intuitive management.

Adapting the application to any screen size meant that customers could control their deliveries from any device and place worldwide, provided that an active Internet connection is maintained. A number of applied solutions made the implemented system an intermediary between the company and its customers and, simultaneously, a tool guiding users through the ordering process and conducting two-way communication with the CRM system.

We treat every project as a challenge we strive to meet while maintaining the highest quality of service. We are delighted to have become part of this innovative solution.

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