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Knock Out Productions


Knock Out Productions

Knock Out Productions is a concert agency specialising in organising and promoting metal and rock concerts.

The group of artists who have worked with the agency is lively and diverse. For almost 20 years, it has covered the broadest possible musical spectrum. The determination and professionalism that characterise the company have enabled it to organise a wide variety of events – from preparing intimate concerts, through large outdoor concerts, to organising huge festivals.

We have been cooperating with Knock Out Productions since 2017. During this time, we have had the opportunity to implement many fruitful projects, such as an information website and a dedicated ticketing system. Mutual satisfaction with the cooperation makes us continue it, constantly improving the quality of our services and adapting our applications to the requirements of modern technology.


Knock Out Productions is a company that is constantly growing and exploring newer and newer areas of the music industry to expand its range of services. Last year, we began work on an extensive eCommerce system that would enable the simultaneous promotion and sale of e-tickets and music products such as CDs, vinyl, etc.

We worked together to develop a dedicated online shop with clear categorisation, labels and detailed product descriptions to maximise the user experience of discovering and selecting products online.

An important aspect of the designed system was the integration of the ticketing system with the online shop, allowing the creation of a unique shopping experience and brand image specific to Knock Out Productions.

Our objective

The main goal of the cooperation was to modernise and redevelop the ticketing system into a sales platform enhanced with a new range of products that would allow the sale of music products while maintaining the functionality of the ticketing system.

The work also included improving the UX and introducing a modern design fully suited to the brand’s character. The system was to be easy to use for all users and allowed music enthusiasts to find and purchase music products and concert tickets easily.

The shop had to meet all of the client’s requirements in terms of modernity and intuitive management to keep up with the changing expectations of its customers, who are highly demanding in terms of more accessible access to information and faster delivery.

Main objectives:

Dedicated team

During the implementation of our projects, we focus on the regular cooperation of specialists from different fields, as we believe this is the only way to ensure the correct flow of information and rapid progress.
A project team consisted of the following:


Pre-implementation analysis

As our client already had a website, we focused at the very beginning on analysing it using heuristic evaluation to measure the usability of the user interface and to provide independent reports showing the consistency of the documentation with the previously adopted goals and test scenarios.

The next step was to interview the stakeholders to jointly develop a business case to understand better the inner workings of the music record industry and its online marketplace. An in-depth analysis of the project, business needs and requirements allowed us to specify the project goals and identify potential risks.

After gathering information, we applied design thinking to better understand the future users of the system better, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and create innovative solutions for prototyping and testing.

Designing mock-ups and UX layouts

The next stage was to design mock-ups of the future system based on the analysis. Our team of UX specialists developed the design so that the shop would meet the expectations of the most demanding users.


We combined the implementation with the global configuration of the shop and its integration with payment systems and other external systems. The client’s involvement in the software design and development process, the implementation of communication standards and the effective management of the subsequent stages of the system’s development prepared the company to follow the e-commerce path confidently and efficiently.

SEO optimisation and adjustment

Part of the post-implementation work is the responsibility of our marketing specialists, who constantly work to improve the site to increase its visibility and position in search engines.

Consulting and ongoing post-implementation support

When implementing a new system, there is always a risk that remote assistance will be required to solve problems that arise during the ongoing operation of the systems. Therefore, our company also provides post-implementation support, which consists of, among other things, handling errors and queries (under agreed conditions), carrying out development work, consultancy services or system optimisation.


Our main tasks included providing a technological basis for the ticketing tool, developing new features, extending the system to include music product sales and ongoing maintenance of the ticketing systems. New features proposed and added by our team have a CRM panel for event organisers, mechanisms to automate stock management, improved customer service, a comprehensive notification system and automatic synchronisation with external systems.

One of the essential tasks during the development of the new system was to redesign the processes that automate the entire ecosystem, including integration with payment systems, integration of sales channels and digitisation of the warehouse.

The online ticketing platform gives organisers the tools to sell tickets for various events. The system allows organisers to manage their concerts, focusing on ticket generation and control of participant limits. In addition, the agency can communicate with participants via a notification system, deliver tickets, issue vouchers, control sales, access customer data, provide customer service and receive feedback.

The system has been optimised from a usability point of view to meet users’ needs as much as possible. The modern design facilitates access to information and inspires trust in the brand. An extensive set of filters and sorting mechanisms allow users to find the products they are looking for quickly.

The ability to purchase a wide variety of products, shopping cart management, the possibility to register a user account, access to a list of all orders and unparalleled satisfaction, thanks to the seamless flow of payment and transaction processing, have made selling easy and intuitive.

The efficient solutions developed by our marketing specialists allowed the website to achieve high search engine rankings, increasing traffic and brand positioning.

Key features:

The new functionality of the system, along with a refreshed design, made the shop more attractive and more efficient, which undoubtedly converted into brand recognition and business scaling. On the other hand, high awareness, a clearly defined plan, mutual commitment and regular contact with the customer made it possible to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the cooperation.

The changes we have implemented guarantee better access to information for customers and prove that Knock Out Productions is an experienced expert in its field.

Business benefits

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