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B90 – a concert venue



B90 is one of the largest concert clubs in Poland, located in the industrial spaces of a former shipyard, surrounded by already closed industrial machinery and cranes. Such an unprecedented and austere location provides an ideal space for independent art.

Club B90 has two independent stages equipped with professional sound and lighting equipment. It can accommodate up to 1,500 people within its walls. The concerts attract a broad audience regardless of age or background. Rock, metal, punk and alternative artists perform here, as well as representatives from the world of jazz and related genres.

Our cooperation with the B90 brand has been ongoing since 2014, and we have completed many programming and digital marketing projects.


The client needed a platform for selling tickets for events organised within the club’s walls, which would facilitate the management and control of ticket sales in real-time and support the flow of information between the organiser and the customer.

Because most ticketing platforms deprive their partners of all the image benefits associated with ticket sales, the client was looking for a tool that would meet its functional requirements and become a reliable marketing tool, thus the company’s showcase.

Our objective

Our common goal was to implement a comprehensive and stable ticketing solution that would meet all the functional and non-functional requirements of the client in terms of modernity, as well as intuitive management, to keep up with the changing expectations of customers and the broad spectrum of organised events.

The system had to be a solid foundation for building the reputation of the B90 Club. Therefore, an essential aspect of the software was implementing a modern design that fully reflected the brand’s character. The system had to be intuitive, have a simple purchase path, and be fully adapted to mobile devices to create a unique shopping experience.

Dedicated team

During the implementation of our projects, we focus on the regular cooperation of specialists from different fields, as we believe this is the only way to ensure the correct flow of information and rapid progress.
A project team consisted of the following:


Pre-implementation analysis

We always put a lot of effort into the initial analysis and identification of all the company’s internal processes, so that the solution we propose can improve and control the flow of sales and payments. A detailed needs and requirements analysis allows us to define the project objectives and the software development path, thus allowing early identification of project risks and planning mechanisms to support their mitigation.

The next step of pre-implementation work is the creation of a detailed documentation of business and functional requirements, followed by the establishment of a technological approach that defines the tools and solutions necessary to achieve the goals in the most effective way.

Design of mock-ups and UX layouts

The pre-implementation analysis allowed our UX specialists to design the mock-ups and layouts of the planned system to ensure the highest level of user experience and provide a solid basis for the club’s branding.


After a thorough analysis of each project, we determine a project management methodology that best suits the specifics of the system – in this case we used the Agile methodology, which allowed us to clearly define subsequent implementation cycles and isolate individual stages, mitigate risk and respond quickly to changes. The implementation was combined with the integration with external systems.

Marketing activities

Club B90 is a brand that is well known to a wide audience, so immediately after the launch we began a comprehensive marketing campaign to build the brand’s reputation, maintain its image and expand its audience network.

One of the first things we did was a detailed analysis of the brand’s target audiences and the advertising activities undertaken by the client so far. At this stage, a number of ideas emerged that would improve the search engine position of the website. It only took a few days of campaigning in Facebook and Google Ads to realise how much potential there was in the B90 brand. Efficient customer service reduced the distance between customers and the brand, which had a positive impact on the image of the B90 Club.

To this day, we continue to provide digital marketing services using SEO, social media and advertising activities using Facebook and Google Ads, as well as providing new programming solutions.


The decision to build an in-house, dedicated ticketing system required a lot of effort but resulted in a product that allowed the client to promote their events and distribute tickets in a much more personalised way. The implemented ticketing system allows the organisers to manage their concerts, particularly tickets, bookings, sales and admission control. In addition, the system supports the communication flow between customers and the club, enabling the generation and delivery of online tickets, issuing vouchers and access to data.

The system contributes to the continuous expansion of the audience network and supports the organisation of events targeted to specific fans, allowing for more efficient resource management. Data entry has become simple and intuitive, and the new system has become the official source of ticket sales.

The ticketing platform is a stable technological basis for ticket management and provides organisers with all the necessary tools.

Key features of the system include:

Ticket sales:

Admission control mechanism:

A vision of a system

The new system was designed with branding in the first place, enabling the client’s marketing department to create content with strong SEO. Effective site optimisation and ongoing marketing activities also converted into increased profits and better results of marketing campaigns at a lower cost. Extensive promotion, positioning and social media activities have reached new audiences and increased sales.

The project is constantly developed with new features. We are sure this cooperation will continue for many years.

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