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Are you creating a start-up and looking for a technology partner? Contact us!

We have been supporting developing companies for years, offering assistance in IT solutions. Together we will find technological and business solutions to achieve your goals.

Technological support

We are the technological partner of start-ups. We help regardless of the stage at which the project is – both when the project is only at the stage of an idea that needs to be refined and when the exact technical indications that need to be implemented are already known.

There are several common scenarios where we can help:

The project is at the idea and main assumptions stage, but the concept needs to be refined from the technical side, and its implementation should be planned.
The project is in progress, but you have encountered technical problems holding up further implementation.
The product’s first version is ready, and there is a need to implement new functions.
All the technical details and processes are prepared, but you are looking for a team to implement the project efficiently.
The project is in progress, but you need programming support to implement the application faster.

Each of the above scenarios requires a different approach, but our experience and developed methods of operation allow us to help in all these cases.

Technology consulting – analysis and concept development

The success of a start-up largely depends on the right technological decisions, a detailed analysis of the issue and proper planning of the work.
  • We help refine the concept from a technical point of view, choose the right technology, and guide the programming work.
  • We carry out a detailed project analysis, trying to define the best possible objectives and recommending optimal solutions. We pay great attention to optimising the application from the point of view of the end-users and their needs.
  • We focus on the business logic and data structure and conduct a UX analysis to achieve a product with high usability and an intuitive user interface.
  • Based on the conclusions obtained, we present our recommendations regarding the method of implementation and methodology of project management.
It is common for start-ups to obtain external funding through grants, subsidies or an investment/technology loan. Most often, the prerequisite for acquiring such financing is the presentation of the technical assumptions of the project. We help in the preparation of this type of technical documentation.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

An MVP is a product with the minimum functionality to get to market as quickly as possible. It is widespread for start-ups to create an MVP version to validate the idea. This approach’s essence is to check the original assumptions (and possibly verify them). Then, based on the knowledge obtained, further application development and new functions can be better planned.

We help define MVP functionality and efficiently implement this version of the product. We suggest optimal solutions, select technology and infrastructure, and develop a further action plan.


The successful implementation of the application depends primarily on proper project management and the team’s level of experience that implements the project.

Before starting programming work, a team is assembled, which, in addition to the project manager, includes, among others: programmers (frontend and backend), testers, server administrators, UX specialists or designers.

Having such a large group of experts specializing in various technologies and programming languages allows us to match the team to the implementation of each project optimally.

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